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How to replace CAMBELT (timing belt) and water pump VW Passat B6 2.0tdi PD engine

How to replace CAMBELT (timing belt) and water pump VW Passat B6 2.0tdi PD engine

Very detailed video, step by step instructions how to replace timing belt and water pump VW Passat B6 2.0tdi PD engine.

Here are some useful links (you’re welcome):

Link to full job description with images and all info, also available in printer friendly PDF format:

This video is applied, if your engine number starts with „B”. After 2009 and also re-styling of B6 – B7, Volkswagen used slightly different engines (common-rail), engine number starts with „C”, so here’s link to a video how to replace cambelt and water pump on common-rail 2.0tdi (car in the video will be VW Sharan, but you’ll get the idea, very similar anyway):

For perfection, and in case if you get some rough idle, you may need to adjust fuel injection timing, for that I would recommend professional with VCDS, here’s good article explaining that:

And here’s a link to eBay page that gives you variety of choices at a good price for VW timing tools – crankshaft and camshaft lockers:

And here you can find variety of those magic hose clamp pliers:

Anything else that you may need from GARAGE section of eBay is here:

www.WheelsAndMotors.com – free online car manuals.

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45 thoughts on “How to replace CAMBELT (timing belt) and water pump VW Passat B6 2.0tdi PD engine

  1. I’ve just started the job and when it came to undoing the 4 bolts on the auxiliary wheel I have noticed the wheel turning.

    Would anyone know if this might cause a problem or am I ok to continue?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi,
    I am impressed the nth degree of perfection, can I have your mobile # to get in contact with you. Got 2011 vw passat diesel engine and time belt is over due.
    Thanks and appreciate if you can help me out to change the time belt using your ninja master skills.

  3. thread lock on tensioner nut, gasket and grease on the water pump. No need to do that realy. And you didnt re check the tensioner position after the the camshaft readjustment.

  4. Hi there again. There is just one bit of info I am not clear on. At 51:44 you replace the new Idler bolt but I could not understand what torque you say it should be tightened to. You mention 90Nm and 90 deg. and then say 40Nm and 90 deg. Could you tell me what torque is correct please. Very much obliged and thanks again.

  5. If any one is looking for the PERFECT instructional video to replace the timing belt on a VW 2.0 TDI engine THIS is the one!. It covers EVERY tiny aspect and detail to perfection… there are no other videos better than this…

  6. This is a very informative video and covers every aspect well. However, there was just one thing that I did not understand….when you adjusted the tensioner pully you said it was best to EXCEED the notch position as it will somehow slacken off afterwards when you tighten things up but this did not occur see 1:00:52 and I presume the belt to be overtightened for it's whole life…Could you please explain why you OVER tightened the tensioner please? Many thanks…

  7. This is simply a fabulous way to work on this job. A total blast. Well done guys. I will finish in the morning by checking the timing and putting everything together again. Many thanks!

  8. Brilliant video. The camera work, the ongoing commentary including comment ref special tools and spanner sizes and types are all excellent. You are an excellent mechanic and very good at explaining the issues. Thank you. Happy happy, easy peasey.

  9. In all of these videos people are calling screws whether they be hex or socket head whatever
    ' bolts
    They're calling screws nuts and all sorts the goodness a get it right because you lose a great deal of credibility when you do not use the same term I know that you people are not Engineers but mechanics other than that the video is very good
    And you are not the only one most of them are doing this drives me frantic actually

  10. I'm afraid but that belt is way way way over tightened,after that job cam shaft timing will be tragedy, also painful to watch hangover hands shacking like a leafs, good old Eastern Europ

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