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VW Golf 5 - Service Reset

VW Golf 5 – Service Reset

Volkswagen Golf V 1.9 TDI (2008)
Volkswagen Rabbit

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 service reset Volkswagen Golf V 1.9 TDI (2008)
Volkswagen Rabbit
Mk5 3-door 5-door 4-cylinder diesel Turbocharged Direct Injection manual
wagen car autó vehicles engine oil maintanance garage cars volkswagen golf a front whell drive five door karbantartás apple android iphone 1.9 TDi Tdi no smoking szervíz visszaállítás service service jetzt!

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2 thoughts on “VW Golf 5 – Service Reset

  1. I am having issue with P0341. changed camshaft, changed sensor, oil sensor, spark plus, coils, oil check, this check engine service now alarm pops up randomly on slow speeds. its driving my nuts like once every 20 seconds. mind when this happens EPC flashes once. Also OBD 2 says camshaft positioning sensor bank 1 circuit which was changed with genuine parts 5 time in one month..so far no luck.. please help

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