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(PART1)Don't waste your money anymore! This thing on the car can be repaired by yourself!#tutorial

(PART1)Don't waste your money anymore! This thing on the car can be repaired by yourself!#tutorial

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47 thoughts on “(PART1)Don't waste your money anymore! This thing on the car can be repaired by yourself!#tutorial

  1. never ever touch the throttle body flap with ur hands and don't even touch it only open with a weight on the accelerator because it can mess up the wiring

  2. Are you joking?….turn on the car and put a brick on the gas pedal then go under the hood. So what happens if the car jumps into gear and runs you over what tip have you got for that? 🤔

  3. This isn’t the good old carburetor from your granddaddy’s beetle, with modern electronics throttle, you don’t force open the valve, there’s a special procedure to do so, always refer to the shop manual.

  4. Can see some idiot running the engine with the brick on pedal then gets the towel sucked in. Lol
    Also, what about the adaption values? Would at least need to be reset otherwise won't effect anything for over 00 miles

  5. mine is different, when throttle body is too dirty, the idle speed becomes low..though since my car has electric throttle body, most of the time car computer will do micro adjustment to find a better position for proper idle speed (learning or relearning)

  6. Yeah that is exactly how to blow the motor up. Crank it up an stick a brick on the gas pedal and let it hit the Rev limiter while you spray your nasty rag. He must be a new car salesman looking for people to need new cars. Well played car salesman guy.

  7. No need for the brick, just let the car idle spray a little directly into the throttle body, it will run rough then come back to normal do this two or three times until clean, and don't jam a cloth into the throttle body.

  8. Good tips for people who have the same car. But no way useful for anyone. Of course you said to clean the throttle body and fuel injector. That's basic. But saying you can open the throttle body by removing the air filter housing is stupid. Your channel is giving good tips. Better add a disclaimer that it'll be applicable only for certain models.

  9. This is bad advice and dangerous on an electronic controlled throttle body butterfly valve. Sticking your finger like that will get your finger stuck and probably cut. I agree it also ruins the calibration.

  10. Bullshit – don't force anything open, you'll brake it.
    Modern day vehicles have sensors, it's probably the lambda sensor gone. They should last 60,000 miles, I've seen cars have faulty lambda sensors at 30,000 miles.

    Forcing a throttle open in a new car would brake the mechanism. It will also tell the ECU more air is coming in then is meant to and it will definitely put on the light, the vehicle will add counter measures to reduce the air, at the same time it has to give the correct fuel quantity for the air

  11. This guy is doing an idiotic work vehicle throttle valve is operated by ECM controlled electronically operated not for an acc ,cable in case we manually pushing cleaning and disturbing the valve it is mis aligned
    than throttle position sensor is not working properly.
    and also don't use cloth for cleaning th carburettor yarn particles go to the inside.

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