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18 thoughts on “golf III 1.6 ABU 55kw minimum consumption test ( consum extra-urban)

  1. Guys, all 1.4 and 1.6 engine 8V don't come with MFA from factory. You have to take instrument cluster from 1.6 101 HP, or 1.8 GT, or 2.0E. Then you have to put a wire from your ECU to instrument cluster. You have to search web for ECU pin diagram for your engine in order to identity the correct ECU pin that send the consumption signal.

  2. It is true.
    1.6 ABU does not come from factory with MFA.
    But 1.8 ABS 66 kw engine code ABS use the same injection mono-motronic.
    And the 1.8 GT comes with MFA installed.

  3. Wait! Stop the video at 0:07
    Look at the upper part of your alternator!
    The flexible intake tube connected to the exhaust isn't properly installed!
    In this way your engine takes more time to warm up, because it sucks air at ambient temperature instead of hot air.

    This will affect the fuel consumption (not too much) but it's better if you install it in the original position.

  4. poti sa faci te rog un fel de tutorial! cum faci sa arate in loc de ceas panuiesc sa iti arate toate astea, eu am un vento 1.8i 55kw aam daca nu ma insel si vreau sa fac si asta. Mai e faza cu turometrul secret, pe asta am reusito! Merci, daca se poate si prin email e bine youlenin@gmail.com!

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