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MOST Secret Bases - Governments DON'T Want you Knowing About

MOST Secret Bases – Governments DON'T Want you Knowing About

Governments around the world are hiding their secrets in highly secure facilities, far away from prying eyes. These places have become focal points of conspiracy theorists and those trying to uncover the truth of what our governments are doing behind closed doors… so, from classified monitoring stations, to chemical research stations, here are the top 15 most secret bases on earth.


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Nasi pracownicy są w stanie naprawić silniki elektryczne w wentylatorach, dmuchawach, podnośnikach szyb, silniczki wycieraczek, silniki pomp oraz wiele innych sprzętów budowlanych.

49 thoughts on “MOST Secret Bases – Governments DON'T Want you Knowing About

  1. it was said on a tv show about aliens that has never been rerun again but the rest have . a guy who said he worked for the cia had his face blacked out and voice changed . he said , ' if you want to build a realy secret base you build two . one that is a secret the other that is a cover . you let out that base is their and then plant stories about what is going on . everyone will watch that base and never know the other one is out there . he was talking about area 51 .

  2. with the age of drones and high tech spy satellites. government agencies can no longer operate in the way the use too.. you can bet your ass that there is many government bases hidden in plain site. they have to be. you would never know. that being said. Area 51 is used to test high tech highly sensitive aircraft.

  3. These Godless people think they can escape God's judgment but God says He will fill their judgment to the line, their refuge of lies will be swept away with Hail stones, and the waters will overflow their hiding places. (Isaiah 28:17) These places they think are impenetrable will become their graves. The money they have cheated their own people, their illegal "black ops" funding, and their evil deeds they do when they think no one is watching will indeed provoke God's anger & Judgement. It's not really "conspiracy" anymore. We do have footage from inside Dulce base, people with credentials.. These people are despicable, having sided with the Devil and his minions, they have sold their own people to these beings in exchange for Hi-Tech. I couldn't think of a group of people more deserving of the death penalty than this bunch of traitors! They know Gods wrath is coming and they think they can escape it while they will not. Even if they had a completely self sufficient, state-of-the-art deep underground facility, holding an amazon rain forrest to produce theit own air down there, The Lord will cause an earthquake, shatter their little facility, while flooding it. Oh yes, they will not escape. Trust me, you don't need to be envious of these vile people because they have somewhere to go run and hide like the cowards that they are. Their day WILL come.

  4. Oh I see how it is, talk about secret bases and say what ppl believe goes on in those bases n all that, but as soon as you get to Area 51, yall so quick to debunk n say that alien tech ain't there nor do Alien spacecraft fly around there and suggest that the strange objects in sky around that base is just Government secret projects? Yea ok YouTube we all know your just trying to throw us off the trail here, calling it " conspiracy theories" to attempt to debunk the truth as just a hoax, area 51 was the place where alien craft n tech was stored n reverse engineered, there was several whistleblowers who came out n said that!! Bob Lazar is one of them!! Not just scientists who worked on em, but military personnel who served on the base with aliens have came forward about what really goes on. Ya cant say that all of these ppl with high credentials are just making it up, cmon now, we ain't that gullible. They are telling the truth, look how quickly the media and society are to just deem it " conspiracy theories", and then try to convince us that what really was seen was a, " weather balloon" or a " weather anomaly" when even radar picks something up going fast as fuck, and when u see Air Force jets chasing it as full speed and stil not catching up. Cmon now, ain't no weather balloon or storm cloud or whatever they claim it is can go faster that military jets at full speed and then just disappear. The truth is out there and we who know the truth know that Earth is not the only planet with intelligent life, we know aliens are working with the government and work on Area 51. Ofcourse the government must have more facilities for these projects with aliens than just area 51, the problem is that they are too secretive that nobody knows their existence yet. Trust me, the government will go at all langths to keep the truth hidden from the public if they don't want us to ever know.

  5. Mind control blood magic Voodoo you can find this all over the internet has been used on me and have survived right here in Australia not over seas that's what your covid was not some spray to kill bacteria!!

  6. Like the diseases they try and have also successfully killed people with over and over again during history and the wars they lead stupid men and women into fighting!!? Don't see these political parties going into a trench and fighting the wars they send military off to !!

  7. You know theoretically would harp is for and theoretically with quantum mechanics the Earth's magnetic field in itself can be used as a camera a microphone without any physical wires or metals or chemicals even because of the way that quantum mechanics works theoretically you can use that to transmit audio and visual to receive as well through signals through the frequency . Now I'm not very educated in technicalities of all this however I'm smart enough to see how this could be you know possible with the proper scientific research and people who are intelligent enough

  8. Typical west ideology…whatever India is doing is causing global…bad the no.of nuclear testing, wars and blasting in the world Americans and Europeans is justified…. Salute to the biased ideology from my side. Unsubscribed 👎🏻

  9. India try heating a few rooms with people in them keep the other cold and move every 24 hours in different underground rooms make sure when you leave a room make sure it gets cold faster to not mess with the land or put insulation one foot or 1/3 meters please give nature and each other a big break instead of pulling down the roof on our head every Government should be planting trees large tree we also need to regrow our lost Red Woods forest in areas and I would appreciate if they would replace the red woods in all the areas they were felled to restore more of California we don't need people coming in like LA isn't just a thing I mean most people have no idea how many people live in Los Angeles county man that's a lot of people

    These aren’t conspiracies I know full well where they are
    Inside a mountain they have a secret base where the world leaders have meetings not the presidents.
    It’s actually the ones who are pulling the strings and these guys boss around the presidents/prime ministers.

  11. undergound cities may be the reason why the O2 level is decreasing…they are pumping and storing O2 for these cities use in gigantic storage vessels…could be?

  12. Singapore uses a lot of underground to prevent military jets and submarines and … from direct attacks.

    Year 2022 issues of many governments pushing people to psychological and spiritual limits, nearing many types of breakpoints. How many underground complexes had already been "turned" by their own soldiers.?

    People turning into walking-undead

    Any.? Many.?

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