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46 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf – 3. Generation

  1. you compare apples to oranges,Golf class is the compact car class,W124 is in a completely different category.W124 was one of the most reliable cars on earth..the best Mercedes ever i think

  2. i've driven 3 of these and i must say it was horrible, the 2 atm. diesels i drove felt like an old van, and the 1.4 i drove was slow for his engine size and they all where ready for export at less than 200 000km
    btw i aint a golf hater love the mk1 mk5 and 6 😀

  3. @bratattack5 the MK2 is less safe in crashes in fact the Mk3 is the reinforced Mk2 but it doesn't last like a good old Mk2 it get easyer rusty.
    The MK2 is much more cool to drive; I own 2 pairs a 1.3 injection rabbit and a real GTD Intercooler 1.6 70 HP
    the last I mentioned is real economic 4 lites of diesel 100km and has 315 000 km

  4. @billasohyeah 😉 that is really like mine.I would like sport suspension,more power but it's my first car,bought by parents.So what can i say? i wanted a mk2 GTI 16V but you need money for maintainance and gas..

  5. @LaugermanPROductions rust,kilometer(if it says total there are real KMS or not car has passed 300 000kms),take the car for a ride and see it's handling,suspension,brakes and the engine;listen how it's idling how it revs etc.

  6. @golf1diesel yes 1.9 tdi 90ps, 5 door! i really like it, although it's not the best car in the world, it gets me everywhere, it's reliable, and after all just puts a big smile on my face!

  7. @maxxikiller Golf 3 is a good family car dude..not a race car..i have TDI version with 90 PS.It is old,but still gets good MPG,keeps up with traffic..not that bad on higher speed bands..

  8. @maxxikiller hm.. i can present this for you. maybe handl. is not good, but i think you can buy cheap susspension parts on the net, like red springs, or compleete set to golf 3.

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