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Volkswagen Golf TDI Oil and Filter Change

Volkswagen Golf TDI Oil and Filter Change

Car: 2002 VW Golf TDI

What you will need:
-Synthetic Oil, I used 5W40
-Oil Filter
-A new crush washer
-A oil filter cap remover (I used a strap wrench)
-car jack and stands
-something to collect the oil
-A couple wrenches

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38 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf TDI Oil and Filter Change

  1. Never used the Fram oil filters for VW but the ones I have used do have a label marked "Top". Oh and 25Nm is about 18 ft lbs so not too tight. You can get the tool to remove the cap at your local auto parts store. Make sure you get the one marked "B" cap wrench. Uses a 3/8" ratchet.

  2. Mine is a 2001. Brought it from Austria, made in Bratislava, Slokakia. I paid 120 lei (romanian currency) for the Castrol Magnatec 5w40 DAE 5 l and a MAN filter. Oil was 30 $ and the filter 8 $. Drain the filter case, the pump valve too, soak a napkin in the bottom and get all that black used oil out, do it with the warm engine , warm oil spills better 🙂 There is a certain way , on how to put the filter 🙂

  3. Thanks for spending the time making the video.. I just bought an 02 Jetta TDI and going to change the oil.  picked up a VW brand filter and Mobil-Diesel 5w40 for now.. should work..it was either that or Rotella oil

  4. 10:13 -> Yes you HAVE to switch it EVERY time, trust me. For the sake of nature you are supposed to use a brand new screw also (up to 2 bucks…;) A used screw in the oildrain has a slightly higher failing rate, and since you are explaining a VW here, the germs are mad about the enviroment…

  5. Hi there, Would be able to tell me how long it takes for synthetic oil to turn black on the car you were working on? I seem to be having a hard time getting a real answer from people. I appreciate it.

  6. Dude wrong oil and shit filter. Run atleast lubri moly and get a Mann filter. Fram and all that is for us spec rides. Mann is the top filter you can buy. And that way you can atleast get your 15,000 km oil change intervals.

    You need a high zinc oil otherwise you will get premature wear. Us spec oils do the best they can to filter the zinc out.

  7. hi , very messy oil change I must say 🙂 , and you have put the paper oil cartidge on the spike the wrong way round. One inside of the filter is deeper then the other side. So when you slide it on the spike,it stays on…. good luck if you do it wrong ..

  8. Thanks Dylan, It's years since I did oil changes on my own vehicles & I thought it might have got more technical but your video has put my mind at ease & I'm heading out to get it done. 

  9. messy work your way … been doing mine for over 10 years 2003 Jetta TDI … using an oil extractor through the dip stick.  No worry about jacking up the car or clearing the skid plate, never had any problem with the oil canister just hand tighten down and loosen (maybe I have tough hands but wasn't any problem to loosen) … I use the Fuchs Synthetic 5W40 … I also use the extractor to suck up any residue oil left in the oil canister which wouldn't drain your way …  

  10. That's what I tried to use but my cap was on so tight it stripped the rubber on the strap wrench to bits. Ended up using an oil filter wrench with a piece of rubber (actually the rubber from the broken strap wrench).

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