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29 thoughts on “VW SERVICE LIGHT RESET

  1. VW Main dealer said if not serviced with us then there is a charge because they have to plug in to a computer and reset it. After watching this video took me less than a minute to reset it.

  2. You should of been heading for fuel rather then making this video….you are running your car on the sludge that has settled on the bottom of your fuel tank. May need servicing soon!

  3. @OYaKBeWaFaBoD

    Try this it may work I'm not 100%,
    Key in ignition (on position, but engine can be off), car has to be stopped and all doors (and hatch) closed, press the menu button (on the steering wheel) repeatedly until Settings appears (which has 6 or 7 lines of text), use the down button to select the 5th line (which should be language, or whatever the German translation is), and select English, press OK. Done.
    Language in German is called Sprache look out for that on dash.


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