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Skoda Superb II SERVICE LIGHT RESET (2008 - 2015, multi-Info Display)

Skoda Superb II SERVICE LIGHT RESET (2008 – 2015, multi-Info Display)

In this video I show you how I reset the service due warning indicator in a Skoda Superb 2.0l TDI Elegance CR 170 2012 using the multi-functional display (MK2 2008 – 2015)

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10 thoughts on “Skoda Superb II SERVICE LIGHT RESET (2008 – 2015, multi-Info Display)

  1. Harvey !
    I wanna let you know first off that you are doing awesome work, keep it up, mate.
    A quick question, when I unlock my SKODA Superb 2012, the fuel lid also pops open (Like it comes out) and it wouldn't go in unless I lock the doors again with my key and press it in.
    Any solution?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. I just bought a superb combi ambition mk2 without buttons in the steeringwheel. But i cant get into any menu like you could. I've tried pushing and holding the 2 buttons at the speedo. but nothing Happens. Will that mean i dont have it. Or is something wrong?

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